Meridian Baptist Church
Wednesday, October 20, 2021


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Wednesday, October 20



Ft. Sanders Hospital
Rita Brooks* 915
Mike Casey, outpatient surgery 10/20
U.T. Hospital
George Berry* 763
Wilma Kelly, 1112, aunt of Tracey Banks*
Tennova North
Wayne Miller*, hip surgery 10/25 brother-in-law of Jewel Colquitt*
Sam Kidd, surgery 10/25, friend of Joe Fielden*

Brenda Jenkins, outpatient procedure 11/3


NHC Ft. Sanders
Beulah Underwood* 327
Trinity Hills
Martha Mynatt* 104
Glenn & Dottie Patton* 427
Jerry Day* 312
Joy Moody* 107
Harold Pratt* 202
Lifecare of Blount County
Sue Townsend* 113
Katherine Coulter* 135
Brookdale Assisted Living
Betty Hicks* 513
Morning Point of Powell
Jewell Mitchell* 408
Morningview Assisted Living
Marjorie Rogers* 212
West Hills Healthcare/Rehab
Joyce Romines* 816
Chandler House
Polly Lee*
South High Senior Living
Janis Sims* 262

Betty McCulley* 258 
Oakwood Assisted Living
Marie Smith* 17